2009 Fall Conference Presentations

Why Most Projects Fail
Stephen Carver, A.L.S Consultants
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-Battle of Britain Photo 1
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From Shuttle to Constellation
Brian Duffy, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
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New Solutions to an Old Problem “ Handling Exposure Claims in Today's Insurance Market
Lois Fuchs, Honeywell International Inc. and Richard C. Milazzo, Mendes & Mount, L.L.P.
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NTSB Investigations: What Should Aerospace Manufacturers Expect?
Christopher Julius, National Transportation Safety Board
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Airbus Commercial Update
Mark Pearman-Wright, Airbus
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How Injuries Are Caused in Aircraft Crashes and Why You Should Care
Dr. James H. Raddin, Jr., Biodynamic Research Corporation
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Avionics Equipment Update - Retrieval of Post Accident Data on General Aviation Aircraft
Dan Schwinn, Avidyne Corporation
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Quick Tally Survey Results
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