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Aviation Products and Grounding Liability (USD1bn limit)

ABC continues to be the leader in developing coverage to satisfy the dynamic needs of the industry that it serves. Participants in the program may secure coverage limits of up to USD 1 billion

The risk transfer capacity provided by the ABC insurance facility is by means of  a "line slip"  renewed each October in the London market.  The ABC program's London coordinating broker markets the line slip by gaining quota share underwriting capacity commitments from a number of financially strong Lloyd's syndicates and London and overseas insurers.

The lead underwriters take large risk positions on the slip and perform the underwriting negotiations on behalf of all of the underwriters providing capacity on the slip for each placement. Each insured's London broker performs the direct negotiations with the lead underwriters.  

The program is accessed through any accredited Lloyd's Broker, although the majority of business under the program emanates from the offices of the member companies of the Brokers Committee.  This is not a pre-requisite as any licensed North American Broker may utilize the services of their existing Lloyd's Broker to access the program.

The BROKERS tab on this website provides current slip, wording and security details as provided by the ABC London Office which provides information requested by Lloyd's Brokers that currently place business under the program, and others who have requested to be kept informed.  Click here for a list of Lloyd's Brokerages that receive ABC program details.

For information about the ABC, please contact your local aviation insurance brokers or one of the members of the Brokers Committee, or the ABC office  
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ABC Master Lineslip 2020-21 (17th October 2020 - 17th October 2021) (WORD) (PDF)
ABC Master Lineslip 2020-21 – LMA5450 endorsement added from 1/1/2021
ABC Master Lineslip 2020-21 – for LRA “STAMP TO BROKERS” please contact the ABC    Office


Schedules 2020-21 at 17th October 2020
Rest of the World including UK (WORD) (PDF)
*EEA and Monaco (WORD) (PDF)
(*before contacting lead underwriters, brokers must contact the ABC Office



ABC Master Lineslip Wordings and Forms Current
ABC Master Lineslip Wordings and Forms (PREVIOUS)


ABC Security/Markets 2020-21 (17th October 2020) (PDF)