Walter Mather Award

2015 Award Winner

David McClain was chosen as the 2015 Walter Mather Award recipient in recognition of 10 years of service on the ABC Board of Trustees.  His participation has included a number of roles and in particular he was commended for his willingness to serve ABC in any board role as needed.  His sound judgement and wise words were critical during the shift in coordinating broker houses and in negotiating increased operating fees for the ABC, Inc.  David attended the 2006 Spring Meeting and was elected to the Board as a Trustee.  He became Secretary in 2007 and was voted in as President at the 2008 Spring Meeting.  David was President from spring 2008 to spring 2012.  David moved back into the role of a Trustee for the rest of 2012 “ 2013.  He became Treasurer in spring 2014.  Dave took over as interim President October 2014 “ April 2015 and continued to maintain the role of Treasurer, a position which he still holds today.   


Walter Mather Award Co-Sponsors, ABC and CGNMB LLP, are delighted to recognize such a worth candidate. Below, ABC 2015 President Michael Harrington (R) presents David McClain (L) with a crystal award.