Walter Mather Award

2016 Award Winners

ABC is delighted to announce Stephen Tucker as a 2016 Walter Mather Award recipient.  Steve is previously from the New York offices of Fitzpatrick & Hunt, Pagano, Aubert.  Steve was not able to join us in Naples at the 2016 Conference, but we were happy to recognize his decades of support to ABC as part of its defense team.  Before his law career, Steve was an aeronautical engineer in jet and rocket engine design at the Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Florida Research and Development Center.  Steve is also a licensed private pilot and is licensed in radio design and operation.  ABC greatly appreciates Steve's contributions.  


Rod Mezzina was chosen as a 2016 Walter Mather Award recipient. Rod was selected in recognition of his multiple decades of support of the ABC over the span of his career.  Rod headed the aviation practice in New York and his backing and support contributed to a successful ABC program.  Many of the Marsh accounts are a result of contacts from Rod.  In addition, Rod may be one of the longest running continuous attendees at ABC conferences.  One broker noted that Rod is mostly associated with the development of space and satellite insurances and  Rod became known as a "Space Cadet".  

Rod is acknowledged as an expert and innovator in his field and is respected by both his competition and by underwriters. Rod was quoted as being "a very professional and respected member of the London and U.S. insurance community and as someone who always retained the confidence and trust of his clients and markets alike."  ABC values Rod's support very much and was delighted to have him accept the award at the 2016 Conference in Naples, FL. 

Rod Mezzina accepts his award from ABC President Michael Harrington at the 2016 ABC Conference on September 19th, 2016.

Walter Mather Award Co-Sponsors, ABC and Ed. Broking, are delighted to recognize such worthy candidates.