Walter Mather Award


The Aircraft Builders Council, Inc. (ABC) instigated The ABC Walter Mather Award in 2012. The award is named after ABC's first President, Walter Mather, who began his Presidency in 1954.  Annually presented as recognition and appreciation for service to ABC, the Walter Mather Award is currently sponsored by Price Forbes as the ABC coordinating broker.


2021 Award Winner  
Martin Cox

2019 Award Winners

Edward A. Nicholls & Garrett J. Fitzpatrick

2018 Award Winners

Donald E. Cooke & Joseph A. Franceski

2017 Award Winners
David Johnson & Michael Harrington

2016 Award Winners
Rod Mezzina and Stephen Tucker

Prior Walter Mather Award winners:


Recognition Award

The goal of the ABC Recognition Award is to acknowledge and commend those who have made an impact on ABC business by focusing efforts on ABC with positive outcomes. ABC wants to demonstrate that ABC recognizes and appreciates the efforts made in retaining and building ABC business.  The Recognition Award highlights the potentially less visible, but equally supportive, people working for the benefit of the ABC.  

2020 Award Winners
Alison Wynne and Katie Hedican


2017 Award Winners

Diane Gallagher and Don Cooke

2016 Award Winners

Dario Mulas Debois, Annie Colburn and Rebecca Mann


Initiative Award

The ABC Initiative Award was created to recognize an individual who developed an idea, concept or project that has had positive impact for the ABC.

2016 Award Winner

Paul Levitt




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