Board of Trustees

The ABC Board of Trustees is comprised of actual program insureds. Their role is to influence the program's processes and coverage forms, and they stay in close contact with the lead underwriters, coordinating broker and lead counsel. Additionally, they:

  • Monitor the quality and effectiveness of services provided to all ABC Program insureds by:
    • Conveying coverage form and program concerns, known to the trustees or brought to their attention by the broker committees, to coordinating brokers and lead underwriters.
    • Challenging and offering recommended improvements to all processes associated with the program's operation.
  • Promote the program at regional meetings and the annual conference, so as to improve the program's spread of risk and perpetuate its use.
  • Coordinate and hold the ABC Annual Fall Conference.
  • Manage the financial affairs and fiscal budgeting of the ABC.


The following is the current list of ABC Trustees:

President - Joseph Gaug
Albany International Corp.

VP & Treasurer - David McClain
PPG Industries, Inc.

Secretary - Dana Wasto
Sequa Corporation

Trustee - Timothy Sullivan
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co.

Trustee - Brian W. Merkley
Huntsman Corporation

Trustee - Jeremy Hovater
Segers Aero Corporation